Project info

The shown work s was created and produced under a project sponsoring by the Cultural Office of the City of Stuttgart. Working title: "You press the button-we do the rest".

"You press the button - we do the rest" was the slogan of the legendary camera "Kodak box".

Built as a marketing tool for the Kodak roll film the journey went from color negative films, slide films Ektachrome, the Kodak E-6 processing principle
up to 1987 the world's first produced digital SLR.

Digital archived individual works that were found during the research on this topic (Research Kodak) served as a basis for the illustrated photographic collages. Kodak material from their heydays transferred into the digital world.
A game between analog and digital, one-time jump which creates of a new surreal world and generates a look into a new reality.
Thus, the shown space plays a role as a period of time as well as an optically experiential space that creates a stage for stories from the wise men of the past through the present into the future in which cars floating through the neighborhood and the noise of the street belongs to the past.

The overlaying of 2 images which are apart for a period of about 50 years generate an image which analog and digital merge d together to a contemporary form of the "Collage". There is the image created with a simple camera and on the other hand, the almost unlimited possibilities of digital manipulation and their Pitfalls.
The pictures give an insight into everyday scenes of gone days and serve as a primer for new stories, thus violating any privacy, playing with the look and the lifestyle of bygone times.
Projections of our time in the context of our art,cultural and architecture history with the time of our fathers and grandfathers.
This was the heyday of Kodak and the images are trying to take over this time in our time and to fill this "primer" with new content. Viewing habits and techniques are woven together across generations and paint a picture of "time" and a current state.

And what remains is light and shadow ...