Project info

"Virtualities" is my ongoing project on reflections on glass windows in the street. Once you allow your eye to mix what is exposed in front of you with the reflections of what's behind, surreal scenes emerge, and weird stories begin to unfold.

These reflections construct virtual space that is multidimensional, disorientating, absurd and often ghostly. Random by nature, such scenes obviously make no sense and imply no logical interpretation. But we humans feel the urge to make sense out of nonsense. As research revealed before, encountering absurdity stimulates us in finding coherence and meaning in other aspects of life. "Virtualities" series invites the viewer to distill a personal meaning, a feeling, or a story from the illusive.

To me, these images are both introspective and a mind game. These visual snaps, akin to dreaming and dream interpretation, evoke associations and thus can open a door to the subconscious.