Flowers in Red, Green and Blue
Project info

Flowers in Red, Green and Blue — This work derived from a work I made with designer Hans Gremmen, Fake Flowers in Full Colour. In this project we were thinking about the reproduction and representation since it’s both the outcome of working in photography and making photobooks. As you can read about in the above section.

This new project came about when thinking about how the world represents itself to me. No light no world for me to see. Plus also I need light to make a photograph. Objects and people reflect and absorb light to show us their colours. What does this light consist off? You can make white light out of the combination of a red, a green and a blue light, if you put them in the right intensity. I searched and found when this would be the case and used this to make images. After a search it made the most sense to make a picture of a bouquet of flowers. Therefore this series is called Flowers in red, green and blue. Explanation of what happens: there where all lights are present it is white so shows the original colour of the object. Where one of the flashes is less present because it was blocked by a leaf or stem or just because it’s further away, you see a change of colour. Green and blue will be cyan, green and red will turn yellow and red and blue will turn purple.

The arrangement of the flowers is made by Denise Collignon.