Non ti scordar di me
Project info

Sardinia, Italy.

2013 – 2015

The energy industry of the Sardinia -an island in the South-West of Italy – has grown promising great wealth and prosperity, but in past few years, this has led to the disappearance of a natural way of life, leaving the people to live suspended, between past and future values.

Everything began in 2011 when the company that operates in the industrial area of Sarroch,deposit a exploratory drilling request searching for a natural gas field in the Arborea area.

On one side Arborea, the flagship of the food farm industry in Sardinia, on the other Sarroch, which hosts the largest oil rafinery in the Meditteranean area, both are waiting answers on what will happen in their lands.

For the whole island, it is a particular situation of uncertainty which would lead to radical changes in people’s lives; a passing phase in which tensions, reflections and life expectancy are concentrated.

“Non ti scordar di me” (meaning: ‘Don’t forget about me’) it’s a story about identity and pride, about suspension and fear; fear to change identity.