To Market To Market
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'To market,to market to sell a fat pig "
Man has learnt to take from under the ground and from above the ground (bananas etc)'to add value by cooking them ready to eat taking goods far and wide
The first steps in civilisation by converting produce into products and selling them to co humans creates commerce, promoting industry. The need for currency is born. With this, the need for an authority to issue valid currency arises. A nation is born. Rule of law is established. People Engage vigorously in all activities creating profit thereby wealth. An economy comes into existence. Wealth breeds satiation of other instincts ( the flowers).
A culture evolves from peculiar preference dictated by local tastes.

Where this process is dominated by individuals that culture will evolve humanely.Dharma prevails over greed.
Where it is imposed by a corporations there's distortion . The human loses true freedom and is a Slave in the true sense as his choices are only what is on offer. What is on offer is what is convenient to corporations which exist only with greed as heartbeat.

"Home again Home again Jigetty Jig "

Despite all the horrible wars and ideological conflicts that plagued Vietnam in the past century, life goes on as if nothing happened . I amazed me to see the ordinary folk continue to live their lives, regardless of the past , present or future. These nameless and faceless street vendors hawk their wares, carrying the burdens of their numerous goods, as well as their livelihoods, on bicycles, balanced on their shoulders or carried on their backs. Many of these people are probably war veterans or even belong to a royal family too. With little to complain about or someone to complain to they just go about how much money will they make today to buy food for their families.