The unseen and unsung defender
Project info

They work in stable and democratic societies, in fragile states and in conflict areas. Human Rights Defenders protect and defend the rights of ethnic minorities, lesbian/gay/bi- and transsexual persons, displaced persons, survivors of sexual violence, mine workers or any other vulnerable group. At times of crises, they are often the last recourse for victims of human rights violations. In some countries and regions, human rights defenders are subject to threats, harassment, defamation, restrictions to their freedom of expression and movement, detention or worse. Some are murdered. Whereas some activists are known to and supported by the international community, there are many others out there, who tirelessly put themselves in harms way to defend the rights of others, to make their societies a better and safer place.
This is a small selection from a portrait series which to date contains portraits of more than 50 human rights activists from around the world. It is a long-term and still ongoing project dedicated to the unseen and unsung human rights defender. Most of them cannot figure with their full names. The human rights defenders here are from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, India, Ghana, Indonesia, South Sudan, Kenya and Rwanda.