Googlize My Work
Project info

Last year I discovered that google offers an algorithm that allows you to upload a picture and find informations about it. You can upload a picture you can't remember the artist's name, a product you wanted to buy... anything about that picture.
When I uploaded one of my polaroids, I found out that the algorithm was trying to match the colors, frame but not the subject.

I decided to upload some of my exhibited work to see how google would make analogies of it. This work "we" created depicts how photos are everywhere now, how the internet melts everything together in this "pot pourri" of images. The popular images, the objects, the items, the goods, the art, the people are only one big frame that google can't separate anymore.

I was totally surprised and amused by the way google told me that my work was identical to detergent bottles, perfumes, iPhone covers, cases, pants, dresses etc. Emotions, human feelings and artistic creation had been wiped out to offer products I could buy and things as if the result of the search would content me.

The result is a series of photos where each variation/photo has its own « pot pourri » of images from google with the original photo somewhere in the whole variation. You will be amazed to see how myself and google rendered the search in a very unique way for each photos which create a strong visual universe.