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Our first half year together was just our time. When no one knew about us. It was so magical. It was just the two of us swimming in this ocean of love. I was so free and felt like I was on holiday from life. It felt totally right. It was still tricky and confusing because of the age difference was 17 years. She was 14 and I was 31. The thoughts in my mind never stopped judging the situation. But in the end nothing forbidden happened. We always took care of each others’ feelings. How far we wanted to go. We spent every free minute
together. When she had vacations I picked her up and she stayed with me for a couple of days. At some point I moved in with her and her parents. One day her father found us in bed. It was so obvious the way we lay together and also the smell in the room. We were so sure he found out about us, but he didn’t wanted to see.Things got realy complicated when we made our relationship official. We weren’t allowed to stay in contact anymore. We believed people knew about us. It seemed so obvious to us. We just thought they didn’t want to talk about it. We never wanted to hide our love. But when they found out they were very angry, scared and worried. They didn ́t understand what was happing and it was so far out of their normal world. We live in a small village in the middle of the countryside. People are very traditional and conservative. They thought about calling the police. We always wanted to tell them. But it was tricky. We didn ́t want to hurt anyone. And we were very scared that they would forbid us from see each other.