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Project “Shelter”
Photographs were taken during 2014-2015 in an asylum in Belgrade, Serbia. Residents belong to different age groups, corporal and mental competence. Common to all is that they were brought to the borders of existence, some of them are on the boundary between life and death. Many, mainly older ones, belong to the " medium class " who during the wars of " nineties " of the last century became jobless, dispossessed, and wait to be transferred-admitted to an old people s home. Younger ones were usually rejected by their family, have none, or are mentally unstable. They have all made their own rules, system of values,and hierarchy. Cigarette is their universal denominator. Talking to them, I reached to their farthest point.- boundary that separates them from the rest of the world. Inward facing their life has stopped, reduced to counting hours between meals, coffee, arguments, waiting to be transferred to an old people s home ,or simply surrendering themselves and waiting .......redemtion.