Buenos Aires
Project info

The urban views of Buenos Aires are the result of the photographer’s clear expressive need to document the city in an unconventional way, not tied to any cliché representation but, on the contrary, a well defined experience of the city seen through a “clinical” eye and lived in its many faces.
The photographer’s shots absolutely do not want to trick the viewers into associating the city with decay or backwardness, rather help them focus on those constants that identify singularity.

These images in B&W has to be seen as a solo or as dialogs with the ones in color presented in the other project.
In the latter option the view alternates between details and panoramas, giving the observer a balanced mix of unbiased outlooks and personal glimpses centered around the photographer own experiences, based on everyday life in one of the most interesting and lively metropolis of the world.
The result is a jungle of constructions, a forest of buildings, houses, factories and antennas arranged side by side without any precise projectual logic. It all looks like an untouched palette barely soiled by shy hint of hue that gives to the whole an almost surreal and metaphysical feeling.