Before the Deluge : A Greek Interlude
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These images were made during the month of January, 2016 at various locations throughout Greece.

There is no story being told here, and these are not newsworthy photographs. Rather, these lonely moments share a sense that time - if just for an instant has been suspended. From Durer’s hands
on an Athens wall to the ghostly bust in the ruins of ancient Dion, the images evoke a sense of wary watchfulness and foreboding affecting the entire land. These images seek to render this zeitgeist of

There is a growing realization that the European project is derailing, and nowhere is this feeling more palpable than in Greece, which has been battered by six years of austerity measures.

Compounding this situation are the refugees arriving daily, putting enormous strain on an already grim economic situation. There are real fears that a fragile Greek civil society - which itself never really
addressed the ravages of a brutal civil war in the years following WW II - could come apart at the seams.

‘Before the Deluge’ is the first in a series of works exploring the rapid changes in Greece and the surrounding region.