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Reynaldo Loti Perez (1961), has lived in the Campoamor Theater for over 20 years, at the corner of Industry Street and San Jose Street, Centro Habana Municipality. He is one of the many people facing housing problems in the Cuban society.

In the late 80’s he came to Havana from Granma province. He got homeless when his godfather died. While looking for work, he came to the theater in 1992 where not only could find a job as a parking lot attendant, but also found a place to live. He enabled one of the three dressing rooms the theatre has to establish his new place.

Since that moment on Reynaldo has carried on his life living inside the theater in a discreet way. Due to the bad conditions of the building he is concerned for his life but mostly he is frightened of losing the place he calls “Home”. His future living inside the theater is uncertain due to the restorations the government is doing to the Capitol for the Parliament to session and The Grand Theater of Habana “Alicia Alonso”, recently finished and visited by President Obama.

In this work I illustrate intimate views of Reynaldo’s daily life and I am showing particularly just one of thousands and thousands of Cubans having housing problems.