Faces of Food for Thought-Portraits of refugee students in the Netherl
Project info

Refugee students with an academic background in the Netherlands who attended lectures at the Radboud University in Nijmegen.
Underneath you can find the invitation how it was stated in the beginning of April
'Exclusive opening of the exhibition ‘Faces of Food for Thought’
On Monday 11th of April, 12.30 hrs.
‘Food for Thought’ started last year as an initiative for highly educated (student-) refugees. We hope that the lectures provided depth and inspiration and a new and challenging environment besides their staying at Heumensoord.
We are extending our initiative by the exhibition “Faces of food for thought”. The exhibition consists of portraits of ( student-) refugees that enthusiastically took part in the “food for thought” lecturers.
On Monday 11th of April, 12.30 hrs. the exclusive opening of this exhibition will be held at the entrance of the Grotius building (Law Faculty). Several keynote speakers will take part, the Mayor of Nijmegen, Hubert Bruls will also attend the exclusive opening. We would like to welcome you.
‘Faces of Food for Thought’
In addition to the portraits, the portrayed also wrote something personal, about their experiences, worries and ambitions; things they would like to share with everyone. These stories are exhibited next to the portraits.
The photographer in charge is Mr.Henny Boogert of Imagesconnect; a foundation that is well known for creating and asking attention regarding living conditions of students across the globe.
The exhibition is connected to a blog. We would like to invite you to get connected to our blog and discuss with our bloggers (students, employees and all interested). Amongst others, prof. mr. Ybo Buruma, prof. dr. Henk van Houtum, prof. dr. Thomas Mertens, mr. dr. Sven Brinkhoff, dr. Anya Topolski, and Dr. Maria van den Muijsenbergh will feed the blog with statements. During the exhibition there will already be the opportunity to post your feedback on the blog(s).
This exhibition is not a farewell to our new students, but a goodbye untill we meet again. Every ending has a new beginning, Food for Thought will continue...
We hope to welcome you on Monday 11 April at 12.30 hrs.! "