Monsanto A Photographic Investigation
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Monsanto® counts with more than 50 Superfund Sites (contaminated sites of hight priority ) across the United States alone, affecting hundreds of communities and their environment with terrifying health and ecological consequences in the us and many other countries in world. Despite of this, Monsanto’s strong ties inside
in the USA governments especially in the FDA ( United States Food and Drugs Administration ) and others economical
and political power houses around the world, wide spread campaigns of misinformation,
the persecution of institutions and individual, including, scientist, farmers and activists that dare to disclosure this crimes, Monsanto has as arrange not only to survive but most importantly to spread to new technologies and products
which are ringing alarms on the scientific, human rights and ecological organizations around the globe for issues like:
public health, food safety and ecological sustainability, issues that are defining the way we relate to the planet and our survival on it. Nowadays Monsanto is addressing a new chapter on its history of successful failures, thru the creation and commercialization of Genetically Modi ed Organism or GMO’ s. Reviewing it’s past and present, this project aims to picture what Monsanto’s near feature will look like.