Studio Portraits
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In my works, the interaction between the model or subject and myself plays an important part. Vulnerability and trust are central aspects of the relationship in which we engage during our shooting. When posing in front of the lens, the model has to literally show himself or herself without any reservations. To be able to give of his personal qualities, he needs to place his trust in me. I always try to ensure the greatest possibly feeling of security, so that an interaction of energies may develop, forming a circle between the subject and myself - which for me is a precondition for a successful photo. I search for the exact moment when vulnerability changes into power, and I try to capture both elements in a single image.

In the studio I often make use of props. Props fulfill a useful role in such a setting, as they gave the subject a certain safety and grasp, enabling them to give themselves with greater confidence. Also, the prop would emphasise the vulnerability present in the image. What a person tries to hide is often made visible by focusing attention or awareness on it.