The Financial Markets -City and Canary Warf employees, London
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I first started documenting the London financial markets in 2012.
As Europe was undergoing a severe economic crisis, the activity in The City was buoyant. Old buildings in nearby poor neighborhoods were pulled down to give way to new office space.
Many banking and insurance institutions have their headquarters in The City and Canary Warf.
Of the 350.000 city workforce only 9000 are residents, the rest commutes everyday to their work place.
I took pictures of people employed in the financial industry around the City and Canary Warf as they came in and out of the offices to have lunch or go for a drink after work.
It is not a secret London benefits from offshore money through Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man and the Cayman Island. Hong Kong is another market with strong historic links with Britain.
In his acclaimed book 'Treasure Islands' Nicholas Shaxon says -'much of the money attracted to these places and the business handling that money, is then funneled through to London'.
The Panama Papers have revealed us how the rich avoid paying taxes through offshore jurisdiction. It is about time world governments come together to establish mechanisms for stopping tax evasion and aggressive tax avoidance.