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Every human being stands in the world alone and vulnerable, as if imprisoned by matter in his or her own body. In spite of the transient nature of our lives, we have to submit ourselves to it. This requires courage and trust. The power of trust, I think, is what we call beauty: the submission to life. Trust connects people to each other and to the rest of the world. It is the intangible properties of human beings – trust, inspiration, imagination and love - which make us strong.

I think that many artists are aware of the tension between power and vulnerability, between inspiration and mortality, and that the quest undertaken by any artist is related to this tension in one way or another. The process of creation is typically very similar to life itself: one begins without knowing where one will end. An artist also makes use of the available earthly means (words, paint, music, stone, the body, light etc.) He refines his skills to ever increasing levels in order to explain his inner world to the outer world.
I too am very much aware of the limitations imposed by earthly life, continually perfecting the means which I can use to express what I feel: the intangible. And it always strikes me how unpredictable the creative process is, like life itself.