Hurricane Season
Project info

My way of working is that I often coexist with the people I photograph. I'm drawn to photograph abandoned skin and wounded nature. Nature and skin that are exposed and the link between them. Where we belong. I am looking for imprint depicting the presence of an absence. Tracks in the picture indicates a past event, but leaves a mystique about them. I see a great importance in the small subtle body movements, searching movements. I work with dimmed, faded colours, so they do not create too much drama. The pictures looks soft and beautiful, but if you go close you feel that something is not right, where things are happening beneath the surface. As the surface tension ready to burst. With a series of images I want to create a feeling of being trapped in a repetition of emotions.

Hurricane season will be exhibiting at fotografiska in Stockholm the 9th june-end of august. The book will be released the same time. The publisher is Max Ström.