Sunday mornin´comin´down
Project info

In the morning you are the most naked, without even a single layer of protection, forced to face the light and the memories you want to forget. In 2009, in San Francisco, I conducted a photo project among young men working as prostitutes and in vulnerable situations. It is about waking up with bad memories, a feeling of loneliness and despair. This is all particularly evident on Sundays when you are supposed to be with your close ones. The images are intended to convey a feeling that something bad has happened, recently or in the distant past, leaving a silent void behind. Portraits are mixed with images of empty natural settings, closed shops and Sunday picnics. Being with these men I got a feeling that every day involves waking up with a “Sunday depression”, which is then quickly “killed”. I have caught the young men in pale light before they run off into hiding and seeking the dark. My intention is to present images with surface tension that trembles. It is a history thru their skin and eyes, that is not just about where or who they are right now but more a reflection on what brought them here.