The art of stones
Project info

Photographer Jose Conceptes delves into the nature of the rocks to show opposing categories such as positive and negative, light and shadow, man and nature, where the strength of its aesthetics and energy of highlights its metaphorical language. José Conceptes creates a unique work, which shows us in his space imagination, with its own metaphorical language with essential features, some unique and real spaces pushed to the limit of its creation and concentration. Get to create a photographed spaces distinguished by monumentality thanks to its simplicity and stillness, thus achieving a timeless structures reduced to its basic element. Images susceptible to cover a new artistic meaning very close to the quality of natural, inert space, but alive simultaneously. With its narrative images it shows us an enchanted nature overflowing spirituality, energy and elegance in each of them. And although his work moves in reality, because there is no more realistic technique of photography, his vision comes to unmask sensations of such intensity that go beyond the visible to get into an internal area, which is so important, if no more, as outside it expresses.