"The Shape Of Me" (Identity revamped)
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The way we feel about our own self-worth can often be in a negative way, the media portrays people who look vastly different from us and it is hard to develop good self-esteem.

Red heads are victimised, taunted at school and I worry about this because I have two red haired daughters. We cannot help the way we look because genetically we are shaped by our ancestors.

We struggle to accept the way we look, but we must, and then we can begin to honour our past and our ancestry. How do we feel about this? Can we escape? Can we accept ourselves?

How many times do you hear people say that they are turning into their mother?

These photos incorporate my mother’s wedding dress, which she made herself, my daughter is wearing it, and I have layered images of the dress over the images of my daughter. The masks are of her, myself and her father.