Project info

Often people with Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Dyslexia or developmental reading disorders, language based disorders, ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyper Activity disorders, Autism or Autistic Spectrum disorders are hidden from society.

My aim in this series of pictures is to put the focus on them, give them visibility to Empower them.
I wanted that both, them and the colored backgrounds were focused. My intention was to show the joy and how nice is work with.

The Manawala Complex is located in Northern India, 8 km from Amristar, and has accommodation for 200 patients. These include men, women and children with Special needs.

People in my pictures has spent practically his entire life in this place.

Special Boys has its own hostel. While I was teaching creativity Photography workshops at the school for the deaf, I spend some time at the male house taking this portrait series to show how magnificent these people are.

The patterns background are curtains that he used to have privacy while shower outside the main building. The association make them with synthetic stuff that some donors gave, and they that don’t want to use as bed sheets because is not natural and healthy.

While I was taking the pictures, The boys chosen in which background they wanted to be photographed. They were really excited to be on the pictures.
As I selected the images, I chose the ones with different pattern backgrounds, and for me it was very important that People could see the hands and the position for the body.
I have this images in horizontal too, but they don't give us any Special info about the subject. I wanted to emphasized in his Special needs and capacities.