Project info

The image of a purity, reflected through a portrait of a woman who is occupied by the innocence of nature..
The woman in these reflections identifies her personality with the essence of what is most pure and innocent in the natural world. The images show the parallels of innocence between the unadorned females and the newly born creatures. It's a coalescence of the woman's image and raw innocence, removed from any societal norms and expectations.
Penetration into these margins, into this condition of raw nature is what these images represents, these are the impressions of the soul, embodied in their pure form.
They are not fantastic images rather the display the warmth of proximity to a purely innocent being.

The artwork, ultimately, is a to capture our primal understanding of our most natural state of being, of our dream selves: a dream preserved by objects of innocence that the woman has embraced. It is a return to a queer, prenatal continuum, the loss of interest to the outer world are followed by a transformation of thoughts into visions, their condensation, and shift.. And we witness a subtraction of this hidden content by symbols; thoughts and reflections are replaced with photographs.
Predicated nakedness gives a birth to a secret. It magnifies. It urges the universe to unfold in order to reckon an image, to disclose its raw nature.

Lika Brutyan