Project info

The word Mayah ( ma-yah) is an ancient Indian concept which in its simplest meaning is illusions created by our minds through our five senses . Depending on what state of mind we are in these can be illusions or constructed reality and not necessarily what is there or what they really mean.

These images are what I experienced by the play of light on everyday objects and scenes photographed in different locations around the world. Just like the rest of us I am trying to bring my own connections and order based on my past knowledge of these things. My connection for these pictures in this series is based on their visual form matter and their meaning in my mind .
I can only wonder what about my viewers perceive from these images and what truth they construct. Its very easy to call a leaf a leaf but when we look deeper and think beyond the naming( Symbol grounding problem) and language we can experience the connectedness .

The big idea is to create a contemplative zine or book that invokes the principles of Mindfulness through compelling visuals. I have also envisioned virtual reality visual gallery as an accompaniment to this book which I have access to because of my day job.