Explorations I: Dichotomy
Project info

I have always been fascinated by the forms and symmetries of the natural world and have been exploring them with my work. I therefore started seeking compositions and representations in the human body as I explore our relationship with it.
Dabbling in the medium of painting, I discovered the compositional theories of the painter Gordon Onslow Ford on dot-line-circle as primary structural elements. I now seek those in the body.

I use black and white sepia tones to shift the perspective from the sensual to the abstract. 

I also use strong contrast, with little graduations of gray, to raise questions on how the body relates to the self. Questioning the dualistic theory of body and mind as separate and the cultural paradigms associated with either, I explore the intrinsic relationship in the form of the Buddhist n?mar?pa. 
I hope I can give you a new view of the human form and of the male-female dichotomy.