Project info

This project is made up of photographs taken over two winters spent in Iceland. Iceland has been much photographed in recent years with many iconic locations emerging, most of which I've visited and photographed. However, for me the essence of Iceland isn't in the iconic landmarks but in the space between them. This series of images explores that space and calls upon the viewer of the photographs to contemplate wilderness and space and it's importance to us as individuals in an increasingly crowded planet.
Most of these pictures were taken in temperatures of 0°F that's around -17 degrees centigrade. With gale force winds blowing this pushes windchill towards -50°c. Behind the lens one feels nothing of this as the intense beauty of the landscape becomes all encompassing and one begins to ponder the existential questions of significance in a planet where nature has little need for us. We are neither here nor there to the greater and infinite forces that built the planet we live on and continue to change it.