I was, I am....I will
Project info

The smartphone, ubiquitous object in our societies, sometimes criticized for its ability to disconnect us from the real world, the flesh trade. In the New Jungle of Calais, a slum in the Northern part of France where refugees wait to cross to England, take especially another dimension. This small object of the XXI century is a concentrate of the memory of the exile and its connection with the future dreamed but as well with the present, sometimes longer than they would like. In any conversation, it appears to show the map of the country left, a photo of the family or a self-portrait, well capped, well dressed. This series of portrait is thinking as dyptiches. The first picture is a detail of the hands of the person holding the phone. On the screen, there is a picture chosen by the protagonist, to tell something about him and the “ before”. Next comes a portrait in the current environment in Calais. These photos are made in the long time with people where an exchange is created and a relationship developed. These portratis are not wanted, they appeared . They are not refugees. Just friends.The basic point of this project goes beyond the importance of the smartphone. Also part of a simple observation that the treatment in the media or in the collective imagination of refugees as a uniform mass, forgetting that there behind a diversity of stories, situations, reasons, and making the refugee status an identity in itself, while it is a transition status.
In addition to this photographic diptych, a story mixing the 3 time (past, present, future) will acompaign the pictures with elements of life shared with the person photographed.