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Kerauja is a remote village that lies in upper Gorkha district in Nepal at the height of around 3700 meter.

Nepal was hit by an earthquake of 7.8 at the Richter scale on 25. April 2015 with an epicenter in the Gorkha district. The earthquake triggered a large landslide that went through Kerauja village carrying huge boulders and rocks destroying the entire village. Many died and were injured in the village and on the foot trails in many parts of the larger area. All the villagers were displaced and are now living in temporary shacks and tents on the hilly slopes around what used to be the village.

Another earthquake hit again on 12. May 2015 with an epicenter in the Eastern district of Sindhupalchowk.

Kerauja village is inhabited by Gurungs and Ghales, who both belong to the many and diverse ethnic groups of Nepal. The inhabitants of Kerauja are resilient people, who are now working hard to rebuild their homes and slowly getting back to normal. It is a tough struggle that will take years.

In April 2015, I published the photobook titled "Images of Nepal". When the printed books were sold later that year, I collected the money from the sales and walked to Kerauja village to hand over the money the local women's groups in the village as support to rebuilding their homes. It took me three days to get to Kerauja. During the early nineties, I worked in the upper parts of Gorkha district and at that time also visited Kerauja village. When I came back this time, the entire village was destroyed. The villages were now slowly rebuilding their homes with support from local NGOs. This series covers a few impressions from my days in Kerauja village during days in early December 2015.

The photographer lived in Nepal from 2013 to 2016 and experienced both earth quakes.