The city where I live
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It is been a year now since I arrived in Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia. Coming from a quiet little town of rural province, I was naturally impressed by the activity on and around the streets. People usually spend much of the day outside. Indeed as affordable interior rooms are often very limited, the sidewalks and roads are often used as a parking area, a garden, a kitchen, a laundry... and also as a place to settle small businesses. Therefore the children play, the parents work (as sellers), everybody takes a drink or eat in the streets, people have fun and some also sleep rough.

Thus the streets have a cluttered appearance with many full-color objects lying almost everywhere. But, if we look more closely, it is in fact often a structured disorder.

Life is also far from easy for most of the people but they are always friendly and/or smiling.

NB: all photos were taken in the central area of Phnom Penh over a period of 1 year.