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The most connected population in social networks of Brazil, is the new "middle" class, known as the "D" class. They mostly live in favelas. This new class has been developed over the last 10 years, due to a minimum wage, which was increased by 300% and which currently corresponds to 880 reais per month, or about 220 euros. Thereby, the increased access to consumption has also democratised the access to the internet.

In this work, I’ve laid my eyes on the younger generation of the six most important communities (favelas) of Rio de Janeiro. They are connected mainly with mobile phones and (due to the consumer credit) almost all teenagers have their own device. They use their own Wi-Fi network or networks shared by other residentes.

I believe it can serve as a gateway to information flow, wider and different from television, - which is very popular in this country and particularly with this population. Gradually, they change their view on the Brazilian society and, by having an eye on the rest of the world, the demands evolve..