Project info

After having lived in two of the biggest metropolisses of the world, I started thinking about the way some of their defining aspects combine: the huge buildings, erected to last “for eternity”, coexisting with green areas, which emerge from the tarmac like acts of resistance and with an apparently limited time span. My pursuit is to think about the dichotomy between what is eternal and what is ephemeral, that clash of opposite poles, between what is architectural/built and what is natural, and to metaphorically create a new interpretation: instead of man representing the landscape, let the landscape represent us.

For that purpose I used various images of urban structures captured on an organic base of leaves made sensitive by no external chemical procedure, thanks exclusively to the sun light and the clorophyll. This gives the photographic material a new temporality, since the objective is not permanence any more, but the erosion triggered by the passing of time and environmental agents. Again, I was questioning the concepts of eternal and ephemeral.

A contemporary look interpreted by the most primitive way of printing images.