still (a) life
Project info

“Still (a) life” is a series of photographies that is questioning the role of women in our society. The project shows women doing domestic work or together with objects that are related to this task. In most of the pictures only a part of their bodies appears – not the entire one. Sometimes it becomes unrecognizable at first glance, what generates pictures that disturb. By representing women in this way they transform into objects – into soulless things. The viewer has to ask himself what am I looking at, what am I actually seeing.

All that is represented in a humorous, sometimes erotic way. The postures, the way the woman handles the objects alludes to stereotypes created by men. So there’s a criticism about the treatment of women as sexual objects, objects of satisfaction, but also about the canon of beauty that proposes advertising and obviously the patriarchal idea of linking women with certain works. Although the images disturb, they do not offend but rather cause a smile.