Mission - Cecilia Bartoli
Project info

Norma and Mission – the two most recent releases by Cecilia Bartoli, one of the biggest stars in classical music photographed by Uli Weber. This is the newest instalment in a collaboration between the two which has extended to the previous four album covers. The new release Mission showcases the music of Italian composer Agostino Steffani (1654-1728) – little known but whom is actually acknowledged as one of the greatest composers of the period. The appeal of this project inspired Bartoli admirer, friend and global best-selling author Donna Leon to write a mystery novel – Jewels of Paradise, which features the composer’s story at the centre of its plot, to accompany Cecilia’s album. Below is the new Mission album cover depicting Cecilia as never seen before, a portrait of Cecilia with Donna Leon and the previous four albums shot by Uli Weber.