Project info

One of the most deeply rooted and vernacular genres is portraiture
with celebrities, in which fans take self-portraits are have their
picture taken with a public personality: the consent to pose together
is equivalent to a visual autograph. The proliferation of mobile
devices with cameras has produced the phenomena of the selfie, while
also enabling and intensifying notion of photography as a trophy.
Collecting and boasting these trophies is one of the ways of ennobling
the narcissistic and compulsive tendency that dominates social
networks. Jon Uriarte mocks these new visual habits and in celebriMe
(2013-2014) by presenting himself together with a hounded famous
personalities. However, we soon discover that these snapshots
are mostly in fact intervened and manipulated appropriated images. Uriarte not only makes a parody of great catch of autograph hunters, but also reveals the extent to which vanity trumps veracity in Internet culture;
the online profiles that construct so many parallel identities are nothing but pure theatre.

The project celebriMe was created to be circulated in social media,
where by nature it instigated an interaction with viewers. This reaction
has been key in the moment of transferring the work from screen
to a exhibition space, since each of the hounded images
has been printed the number of times that it generated interactions
on the Internet, thus creating a symbolic bridge between cyberspace
and the real world.