..we do the rest
Project info

The shown work s was created and produced under a project sponsoring by the Cultural Office of the City of Stuttgart, Germany. Working title: "You press the button-we do the rest".

"You press the button - we do the rest" was the slogan of the legendary camera "Kodak box".

Built as a marketing tool for the Kodak roll film the journey went from color negative films, slide films Ektachrome, the Kodak E-6 processing principle
up to 1987 the world's first produced digital SLR.

Digital archived individual works that were found during the research on this topic (Research Kodak) served as a basis for the illustrated photographic collages. Kodak material from their heydays transferred into the digital world.A game between analog and digital, one-time jump which creates of a new surreal world and generates a look into a new reality.

When one speaks of photography that transgresses the boundaries to painting and the painterly, one tends to mean works in which the structuring effect of colour has priority. In the works of Peter Franck's shown here, the crossing of the boundary between the two is also apparent – although it defies description in conventional terms. This and their narrative character are what determine the quality of these works. Elements from B-movies, film, comic strips, the history of film and art as well as everyday situations collide.

Magritte may have engendered the view from a window although to speak of Surrealism would be to go too far. Peter Franck's photographs are richly allusive collages that challenge our visual memory and seduce it. Everything is composition and photography is only one of many means for sparking off associations in the viewer's mind and set stories in motion. And in this
subtle media setting the images blur the boundary between photography , film and painting.