New Worlds
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Hopefulness sometimes comes from our search for what is beyond us. I grew up with the race to space and my imagination was captivated by what we might find on some distant world. The universe held possibilities just waiting to be discovered. In July of 1969 I was 18 and living on my own in South America when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took their first steps on the moon. No one around me believed it – “the pictures are fakes” yet I was totally captivated by the cover of Time Magazine. An image with a simple caption “earth from the moon” soon hung in my study. I stared at it every day. I remember that first image; that moment of seeing our planet’s fragility and the beauty in our interconnectedness. Weren’t we all galvanized by this sight? Didn’t we suddenly seem more interdependent for survival – a lonely “blue marble” suspended in the darkness of space?
In this series I explore “New Worlds” where inner experience is reflected in the outer world. Each of us and everything that makes up the universe is after all merely a conglomeration of star dust. I am looking to capture those natural iterations of form, pattern and color – the rich diversity and yet the oneness that connects us all in the elusive moments of transition that is life; exploring the metaphor of ever changing textures, colors, light and shadow reflected in atmospheric moments both fluid and static; using the earthly patterns that surround us as evocators of those distant worlds that might yet offer us a renewed reverence for our collective lives here on planet earth.