Reality & Imagination
Project info

Being a foreigner living permanently in the United States, I am very much aware of the dynamic interaction that takes place between the two cultures.
I photograph the tide as visual metaphor to explore the interaction that exists between cultures when one lives permanently in a foreign land.
The cultures automatically interact with each other in a motion that is instantly fluid and turbulent, just as the sand and tide. It's a constant movement in unison where each always retains its distinctive characteristics. This creates a duality that is always present.
Each of the 5 sections of 'Reality & Imagination' explore this cultural duality. Part of the section 'Silhouette & Shadow' presented here gives an actual shape to the two cultures as silhouette & shadow, which are both entities that cannot exist without the presence of another.
This ongoing series of 6.5 years has provided me with the understanding that at every point I have the opportunity to act by choosing from within the structures of one of the two cultures what would serve best at that moment. It has permitted me to readily welcome what's good from both (all cultures in fact) and to let go from each what does not serve me a s a human being. It has facilitated me to see at times what's not readily seen as well as to be at times more present in life. It has shown me that it is all an ongoing challenge.