DADA_scapes in Venice | 100 years DADA [1916-2016] (2016)
Project info

The 100th anniversary of DADA [1916-2016] has been celebrated in Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich under the brand-name “Invent the Future with Elements of the Past”. To celebrate DADA is not of course, so DADA. Tristan Tzara insists that the only DADA is the anti-DADA.

In Venice however, we may grasp the spirit DADA in the walls collages as tattoos on the skin of the city.

The collective unconscious expression, local people and the touristic tsunami produce collages on everyday life around La Serenissima (health food store) but also on some of the problems of global interest (such as immigration), through an inventive transformation of materials (papers, images, lines and colors).

Note: The photographic material has been realized during my stay as Art Resident at The Emily Harvey Foundation, Venice, 29/02-24/04/2016.