Silent Kingdom
Project info

As a child, I dreamt about what lies beneath its surface. I imagined what it would look like if, suddenly, all water would disappear for a while, while all the animals and living creatures remained in place, suspended in time, so I could walk along them and observe them all.
Through this images, I try to capture sublime moments of the marine environment, the essence of being present in that experience, in the company of that particular animal, capturing their splendor and their soul. The sheer beauty and poetry with images that inspire, and make us vibrate through every corner of the ocean, an epic sight that carries the power to make us dream of a better world, where we value and care for all expressions of life.
Because beyond the issue of our survival is the issue of how we experience our life and how we celebrate it. And our experience of life is intrinsically linked to how we communicate and bond with everything that surrounds us, especially with all sources of life around us. In my case, it is the ocean and their living creatures that make me want to celebrate. Therefore, my photography is intended as a celebration of marine life and the underwater world.