Project info

Transient Landscape is a photographic work made in May 2015 in Xindian District in New Taipei City. Specifically, it is close to Zhongyang Road that the photographer Guillaume Hebert grabbed his camera to watch, like walkers who stop along the construction site gates, the world changing. Here, as almost everywhere else the construction site is the entertainment world in transformation. the scope of the project and the work which extend over several acres still reveal nothing that will be, but already everywhere the land was returned, dug, moved, destroyed. The fauna and flora have disappeared. This transformation of the landscape is a tragedy for ecology, and yet it is the future we are building. The construction site has become a regular part of our urban landscape, but also a complex challenge of our environment. However, as in his previous series, his gaze is primarily that of an artist for whom the aesthetic remains fundamental. Thus, this work has the same characteristics that Taipei Riverside: a working atmospheric lighting and a pictorial rendering reminding pictorialism. It is with this pictorial sensibility that Guillaume Hebert manages to "beautify" almost pathetically an assaulted landscape by urbanism.