Exhibition at Von Linteln Gallery, Los Angeles
Project info

Von Lintel Gallery is pleased to an announce an exhibition of experimental photography by New York artist Chuck Kelton.
The exhibition is the artist’s first solo show with the gallery.

Kelton works inside the darkroom transforming light, paper and chemistry into rich, abstract landscapes that express the beauty and function of silver photographic materials. Because his practice foregoes cameras and negatives, each work is rendered entirely unique.

Gold chloride and selenium toned chemograms coax a surprising palette of fiery oranges and lush violets from gelatin silver paper.
In a smaller suite of work, Kelton combines chemogram and photogram techniques; the shift marked with a cracked, folded horizon line separating swirling tones from values that transition into a subtle, velvety black.

The image in a photogram is the result of exposing photographic paper to light—writing with light. Whereas the image in a chemogram is the outcome of exposing photographic paper to developer and fixer—writing with chemistry.

After decades of working with negative based imagery, Kelton turned his eye towards a reduced pictorial space. He stripped photographic materials down to the studs; building essential, minimalist compositions of black and white lines.
In subsequent series, he pushed color back into the structure by exploring early processes like gold and iron toning using new and expired chemicals.

“The darkroom experience has always had a magical place in my life. Though the materials change, the thrill of the darkroom drama remains the same. The process has been going on for more than 150 years and every time you make a print, you are tied into that history.”
—Chuck Kelton interview with Onward Photo

Kelton's work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and publications and is in the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston; Bibliothéque nationale de France; Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach, Florida; International Center of Photography, New York; and New York Public Library. The artist lives and works in Jersey City, NJ.