Project info

Taking adolescence as the epitome of change, the author investigates those elements which determine our growth and give character and shape our identity. Bidean, term in Basque language meaning that something or someone is in the process or on the way, has become a river project that creates a parallelism between the ephemeral vital stages faced with the immortal, but also at any time vulnerable sceneries.
The central axis of the project revolves around the self-published photobooks by Miren Pastor that perform a dual function such as book and exhibition resource; characterized by settings and characters symbolising each new stage, both complement each other with the metaphorical texts of Iván del Rey de la Torre.
Bidean 2014 was characterised by a green texture, wooded, the uncertainty prevailed in the portraits and landscapes. In Bidean 2015, the surface is perceived more steep, rocky and hard, the protagonists are growing. They are part of the stages that the photographer analyzes by means of the change proccesses both in the human being and in the unstable cycles of the nature.