Project info

For the past year my time has being engulfed into workshops, teaching and giving out talks. All about photography, which someone might say that is a good thing. “Of course it is”, I would reply. It is creative and it expands my and other’s perception and understanding of leading a conscious visual life. Of not letting the brain into a cruise control mode but overriding this social induced tendency. Using your fears and insecurities to show you the way. To harmonize, to overcome, to accept and to eventually become better than you were as a human being. Saying all this would be perfectly creditable except one thing. My driving force. Which was and is the act of photographing. The sensation of capturing something, even if this is my own personal reality/dream. I found myself into a well of personal inactiveness so I had to take action. Imaging people, things and situations that were important to me and had left their indestructible mark. Using the undisputable force of photography in recording a truth, a lie, an expectation, something that is meaningful to remember.