Honoring - The Time Dynamic
Project info

“Honoring - The Time Dynamic” series is a departure for me in terms of content-matter and the meaning behind the subjects I chose. As the name implies, the buildings and sculptures were all built to honor a person, place or idea, and their place though time.

It was important to me to choose content that represented our history, as history can be forgotten very easily if we are never reminded of it. Therefore these images depict content that remind us of a past, and how that relates to our present and future.

To convey the essence of time (a component of the series and critical in my vision) in the images I chose to use very long exposures of around 6 - 10 minutes each. As time literally passes by during these long exposures, the sculptures and designs stand resolute.

I also wanted the architects, designers and viewers of these images to recognize the subjects. I did not want to create images of small details, or with abstraction of any kind. To do so would completely undermine the vision and premise behind the series.