Bluie East 2 Greenland
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During the World War II the United States took the responsibility for the defense of Greenland. They established a number of bases with the codename Bluie
Bluie East 2 was an airfield and weather station near Ikateq on the east cost of Greenland. The Us Air Force started to use the airfield in 1942. Because of close mountains and strong winds it never played an important role. It was mainly used for search and rescue operations. After the war Bluie East 2 lost its strategic importance and the US Air Force left the site in 1947. Most of the equipment was left behind including thousands of fuel drums
Today almost 70 years after, it stands unknown to the many as an undeniable reminiscent of a bygone era. The aging site installations and equipment exposed to the ruthless arctic conditions for so long time, have taken the form of a spectacular open air gallery in progress, accessible to the very few
This body of pictures is part of a greater photography-art project on Greenland that I am currently developing
Fokion L.Zissiadis