The Nature of Red Green and Blue
Project info

The uploaded images are part of my The Nature of Red Green and Blue series. The series is a larger body of work, comprising of abstract images created using a flatbed scanner. The basis of the series is my artistic response to the consumerism and waste driven lifestyle that is surrounding the western culture and also is spreading globally as a primary lifestyle choice. The purpose of the experiment was to try and elevate mundane objects, single use household items and trash into works of art. By doing so I am giving the objects seen as of little value a second more glorified life and purpose as Art and thus removing the element of trash by proxy.

The abstract nature of the images are hard to define, and viewers are invited to make their own interpretations of what they are looking at. The titles I chose are what the images symbolized to me at the moment, and are in no way a definitive description of the image.
The aim is to present the entire finished series in a book.