different trees new roots
Project info

This project was born during evenings meeting organized by Sprar Lunigiana, a cooperative that deals with refugees in Italy.
The last meetings were in December and already the first Christmas decorations peeped. I saw trees of all species, olive trees, holly trees, apple trees ... shiny and beautiful, not the usual fir is commonly associated with the Christmas and what they had in common was the beauty of these lights that stood out in the dark.
The image of the tree is a symbol of the renewal of life, has a cosmic significance that connects it to the rebirth of life after the winter, has ancient origins and find comparisons in different religions and observing this unconventional trees I thought how they could be almost strange for refugee all the preparations for Christmas, so far away from their traditions, and the need to put new roots in reception sites
I then decided to unite in a diptych the portrait of refugee with photos of the original trees, different, like them, bright and joyful with their smiles despite everything they've been through and who come from different countries enriching our vision of this world , away from the usual stereotypes.
I am grateful to Sprar and the refugees who have allowed me to do this project and hope that looking at these photos and reading their thoughts anyone can trigger a virtuous cycle that get to know those who live alongside us, different and beautiful in his humanity.