By The Way
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There is surface and depth: political madness and daily life apart, hot news and eternal songs, otherness and kinship. When you are sharing simple human things with someone and feel the commonality behind the differences – there are more chances to understand than to fight....
What does Siberia mean – beyond clichés like the Trans-Siberian train, Lake Baikal, oil, cold, or vodka? Who are the inhabitants of the vast Rural Russia and what is their daily reality - thousands miles away from Kremlin and apart from hot media agenda?
Aim of my project is to reflect on some of these very questions, to share insider’s gaze – Siberian imagery made by Siberian photographer.
About six years ago I launched phoblog community devoted to daily life of Russian provinces entitled “Birthmarks On the Map” (BOM). Summer 2016 will be ready for print-on-demand my personal photo book “BY THE WAY”, that summarizes my own work in BOM. Here are foreword and some images.
I have self-published, textually and photographically.
First, there was the experimental “Stikchnya” (poetry trivia); pocket sized lyrics printed on thin paper. Then came the hearty and sentimental photo book series "The Siberians".
The subtitle to the first book was: collection of excerpts of myself.
“.. By the way, look what happened…“
"By the way" features stories told by fellow travellers; quirky trivialities; draughts of thoughts; a play with meanings; reading between the lines (or beyond the frame)...
These are images of daily life in Siberia,
that for some may prove an interesting gaze at the usual, but often overlooked details
"BY THE WAY" is not the result of a particular project nor a discussion on a certain topic.
Rather, a patchwork blanket made of photo-words.
It is a set of keys
a game of lego for the viewer-reader to assemble their own picture of the world...