dagblind (dayblind)
Project info

The project of Paul D’Haese, pointedly called Dayblind, moves at different levels closely related to each other, investigating the many roads of perception, paths that eternally fork, put it to Borges, and also raising questions about the primary meaning of photography. Portraits of faces with eyes closed, indicating a clear reluctance to a direct dialogue with the observer, are accompanied with shots of landscapes and architecture that display the same type of approach, just as alienating and covetous of references, almost as if the extreme minimalism and the sparseness with which these are represented were the strict rules of a universe bounded in a severe and unshakable way, or a few bright fragments of it. Often a sharp black and white becomes the main tool to support a direct and never pushy language, ruthless and precise as elegant and full of suggestions. The result is a criticism to the very act of vision, a suggestion to face the failure of photography to represent reality, as essentially invisible, leaving the appearances as the only possible guides when you are as blind and groping in the deep dark of the interpretation of reality.

Steve Bisson - Urbanautica