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A haircut can make a statement or it can be the outer expression of an inner state. That is why there is often more to it than just the cutting of hair.

The hair is a defining feature of the way we look. Usually, it is quite few people in our lives that touch our hair. But in the hair salon or the barbershop we let a stranger close to this rather intimate part of ourselves. By the time you leave the chair, the person with the scissors has adjusted your appearance, essentially modifying the way the world is able to ascertain various qualities of your person. I deas of beauty, strength, eroticism, individuality, sensuality, masculinity, and femininity are closely linked to the hair. I try to capture the moment where we let other people – people that we don’t necessarily know that well – get strangely close and shape the way the world sees us.

I’m intrigued by the intimacy of that particular situation. When seated you let your guard down completely, best illustrated of course by the man who lets someone else get close to his throat with a lethally sharp razor knife.

When I meet ordinary people, I’m intrigued by the fact that they have so many fascinating stories and interesting personalities. Meeting strangers and getting to hear a chunk of their lives really gets me. You don’t have to go to war zones and distant places to experience drama and the unknown. The odds are, you’ll find both right around the corner.